Office Pro Plus 2013 - can't find osaui.exe

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I've installed an Open version of Office 2013 Pro Plus, and rather than use our volume key, saw I could activate it with my Office 365 login, which I successfully did.  (This by the way is an incredibly awesome step by you guys simplifying the required install version, for Open or Subscription activation, way to go!!)


As I'd just rebuilt that PC with Win 8 (also liking it!), and removed Office 2010 Pro Plus I thought I'd reset the install count, but I can't locate osaui.exe (looked in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE15 as it's x86 on x64), and searched c:\ whole disk...


So I'm hoping this is a simple one to answer, could you tell me where it it, or has it changed/moved, or do I do this some other way now please?




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  • Hi Gordon,

    Office 365 Preview no longer supports the osaui.exe tool used in Office Professional Plus 2010. Instead, a new tool called ospp.vbs is provided with each Office 2013 Pro Plus installation. Found in \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\, this generic tool can be used to troubleshoot most Office 2013 Pro Plus activation issues.

    For more information about tools to configure client computers in Office 2013, please refer to the link below:


    Nancy Xie

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