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Extended information about all plans and services

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Could you make table with detailed explanation which services(features) include each office365 plan.

I found this info for STANDARDPACK - MCOSTANDARD(Lync Online (Plan2)),SHAREPOINTSTANDARD(Sharepoint Online (Plan 1)),EXCHANGE_S_STANDARD(Exchange Online (Plan 1))


and some other plans but I want to get info about all plans(and services).

I found that office365 supports following plans:

EXCHANGESTANDARD, Exchange Online (Plan 1)
EXCHANGEENTERPRISE, Exchange Online (Plan 2)
EXCHANGEARCHIVE, Exchange Online Archiving
EXCHANGEARCHIVE, Exchange Online Archiving Trial
EXCHANGEDESKLESS, Exchange Online Kiosk
MCOIMP, Lync Online (Plan 1)
MCOSTANDARD, Lync Online (Plan 2)
STANDARDPACK, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E1)
STANDARDWOFFPACK, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E2)
ENTERPRISEPACK, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E3)
ENTERPRISEWITHSCAL, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E4)
DESKLESSPACK, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan K1)
DESKLESSWOFFPACK, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan K2)
LITEPACK, Microsoft Office 365 (Plan P1)
ENTERPRISEPACK, Microsoft Office 365 Trial (Plan E3)
DESKLESSWOFFPACK, Microsoft Office 365 Trial (Plan K2)
LITEPACK, Microsoft Office 365 Trial (Plan P1)
OFFICESUBSCRIPTION, Office Professional Plus
OFFICESUBSCRIPTION, Office Professional Plus Trial
WACSHAREPOINTSTD, Office Web Apps with SharePoint Plan 1
WACSHAREPOINTENT, Office Web Apps with SharePoint Plan 2
SHAREPOINTSTANDARD, SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
SHAREPOINTENTERPRISE, SharePoint Online (Plan 2)
SHAREPOINTPARTNER, SharePoint Online Partner Access
SHAREPOINTSTORAGE, SharePoint Online Storage

 so I need to get services(features) for each plan.



I tried to find special forum for my question but unfortunately it wasn't successful so I wrote my question in this forum. I browsed 2 hours in Google and in official Microsoft sites but didn't find complete answer on my question.


Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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