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Cannot create a new doc with Office Word Web App - Sharepoint

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When tryng to create a new Word doc online in Sharepoint I get the error - The document cannot be created. The required app may not be installed properly, or the template for this document library cannot be opened.

All other web apps work fine and Word (on the web) will open existing documents. It just refuses to create new ones.

Any ideas?

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  • Colin,

    Do you know if you have a template set up for Word docs? You can check in any library's settings and look for "content types". SPO needs a template to create a doc and for some odd reason default templates weren't included in E plans.  

  • Sorry but I m new to all this. Are you referring to a Library accesssed via Sharepoint? How do I access Settings?

  • One way is to go site actions>>site settings>>site admin>>site libraries and lists and click the "customize" library  link. 

    Look under "content type" click "document" and then "advanced settings". You'll see if there's a template loaded there. 

  • I do not see what you are seeing. I can get to Site Libraries and Lists but there is no Customize Library link.  What I see is links to Customize “Documents”, Customize “Posts”, Customize “Site Assets” and Customize “Site pages”

  • "Documents" IS a library. "Posts" is a list. Each library/list can have different settings (and templates) so they are listed separately.
  • Thanks. Found it and there is no template shown.

  • Hello ColinG,

    Thanks for your post here.

    Based on the current situation, I suggest you add a new Word template to your document library, and then you can create new Word documents.

    Before you add the template, a content type for it should be created.
    For how to add a document template to a document library, please refer to the following link: .

    If there are any concerns about this issue, please feel free to post here.

    Cherry Wang

  • Sorry but I am completely lost. Why on earth this was not set up from the start I do not know. Think I might be better off returning to Gmail or Windows Live.

  • Think I may have cracked it, but it was not easy. One thing - even though I am logged in it asks me to log in again when I create a new document. Also creating opens the Word, Excel etc desktop app and not the web based varient. Is there a reason for this?

  • Check sitesettings>>site collection features and make sure

    Open Documents in Client Applications by Default

    is not activated.

    Check library settings (for each library believe it or not)

    Allow management of content types "yes"

    Opening Documents in the Browser "Use the server default (Open in the browser)"

    And you may have to also tweak a browser setting or 2. How they ever managed to make such a simple functionality so complicated is beyond me. 


  • I do not see Site Collection Features under Site Settings?

    This truly is an awful arrangement, there must be better options out on the street!

  • If you have a P plan there's only one site collection so you have to go to "top level site settings" to access the site collection features.
  • I went to OWA, Admin, Manage Team Sites, Site Settings but still see no Site Collection. Yes, I am on a P plan.

  • For a P plan, it's team site>>site actions>>site settings>>go to top level site settings>> site collection features.
  • I have done this but see no "Go to to top level site settings" under Site Settings. I think I am getting close to having had enough of this, it is so complicated for what is a simple need.