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Transferring my Microsoft Office Live account to Office 365

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I would like to know who came up with the brilliant idea of verifiying ownership of domains????!  This is a real winner!!!   I have been using Office Live for the past 4 years - no problems whatsover!  I have my domain at Godaddy. Obviously I *am* the owner of my domain name, right???  You can't register a domain name at Godaddy if someone already has it.  I try to verify my domain with Office 365 and I get the following message:


This is bizarre beyond belief!  I went into Godaddy and changed the MX record and copied and pasted what Office365 instructed me to do.  I clicked the verification button at Office365 and this is the message I got:

Verification DNS record not found

We couldn't verify Make sure that the verification DNS record that you created at your domain registrar is correct, and that you've waited at least 72 hours after you added the record.


 If I change the DNS record at Godaddy, won’t that shut down my Microsoft Office Live Website????  Don’t I need to be “VERIFIED” first?????




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  • Hi Sealy101,

    In the verify domain process, we prove that we can access our domain and we can operate on our domain (create DNS record), so that Office 365 believe we are the domain owner, and approve the request of adding our domain at Office 365.

    In your situation, to troubleshoot this issue, I suggest you do the following steps:
    1), Check the DNS record (TXT or MX record) you created to see if it exist at your domain.
    To do this, we can use the NSlookup command tool. Please refer to the Resolution part of
    Tip: Based on my experience, if the TXT or MX record is not exist, please check your domain's name sever records. If it is not pointed to your domain registrar, please redelegate the name server, and then re-add the TXT or MX  record for verification.
    2), If you can find the DNS record (TXT or MX record) which you created, please confirm the value of the DNS record.
    You can find the correct value at the verify domain page at Office 365 portal by clicking on the drop-down list. If it is not correct, please delete the original TXT or MX record at your domain registrar and recreate it with the correct value.

    Typically, you need to wait about 15 minutes for the changing to complete, but it may take up to 72 hours.

    In addition, when you decide to transfer your domain at Office 365 and redelegeate your domain’s name server,  your OLSB (Office Live Small Business) website would not be accessible. However, you can change your SharePoint website address to use your own domain name.

    For more information, please refer to the following pages:
    Troubleshoot domain verification issues in Office 365
    Add your domain to Office 365

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them in the forum.

    Evan Zhang


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