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sharepoint or onmicrosoft? which one to use.

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I have completed the transfer of my website from Window Live to Office 365. I am confused about which name to give to my customer to find me on the web. My company name or my company name

I have tried .onmicrosoft but I was rerouted to bing and my old domaine "" was one of the options.

How to stop the old one from appearing and start the new one?

Please let me know.



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  • Hi Greek Pastries,

    Before moving on, I would like to collect the following information.

    1. Are you using or as default domain? Have you verified your own domain in Office 365?

    If you are using your own domain, have you changed the SharePoint public website's URL to be your own domain?

    2. Are you using Office 365 Small Business version or Office 365 Enterprise version?

    Generally, you could find your public website from the pages below by default:

    If you are using Office 365 Small Business version, after logging into Office 365 Portal, click Home from the top header and you will be able to view your public-facing website.

    If you are using Office 365 Enterprise version, you would find your public website by performing the steps:

    1. Log into Office 365 Portal and go to the Admin page.

    2. Click Manage under SharePoint.

    3. Click Manage site collections.

    You may need to create one if there is no public website here.

    Anna Guo

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