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Confirm that you own website?

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we have website registered with


i do not have

5. Add your TXT record. part


so we are stuck, VERFY website part

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  • Hi KLNtek,

    I understand you are in the process of verifying domain. And this domain registrar is GoDaddy.

    You can follow these steps to add a TXT record.
    1.Log in to your Account Manager in Godaddy.
    2.Click Domain Manager.
    3.From the Tools menu, select DNS Manager. The DNS Dashboard displays.
    4.For the domain name you want to add a TXT record for, click Edit Zone. The Zone File Editor displays.
    5.Click Add New Record.
    6.From the Record type list, select TXT (Text).
    7.Complete the following fields:
    TXT Name — Type @.
    TXT Value — Enter the entire TXT value
    8.Click OK.
    9.Click Save Zone File and then click OK. The new record displays in the TXT (Text) section.

    If you still can’t add the TXT record, please confirm with GoDaddy for how to add a TXT Record.

    If you have any other questions when using Office 365, please feel free to post them in the forum.

    Ray Yang

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