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Domain name won't verify

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Hi, please help.


I'm trying to transition from Office Live Small Business to Office 365.  I've battled with the complex and contradictory instructions in the self transition guide and then viewed the you tube video which confused me more, as the steps were quite different.  My IT skills are fairly weak and my confidence is all but gone.


My domain is registered with Melbourne IT.  I've completed the TXT record and added it and it's published.  I attempted to verify the domain last week, but it's still not worked.  I've re-attempted it today and the 'verify' button in Office 365 just keeps looping back to the same screen asking me to verify again.


Can anyone help?





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  • Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Hi Stephen@FP,

    You have added the TXT record. However your domain still couldn’t be verified.

    Can you refer to Ken’s suggestion?

    If this issue still persist, you can add two TXT records and try to verify again. One TXT record is with a trailing period (“.”) at the end of the address. And the other one is not added the period.

    For more information about verifying domain at Melbourne IT, you can refer to this link.


    Ray Yang

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