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I want to de-activate "leave mail on server" because server is reaching capacity.  Where is this feature? I checked Settings Detail but do not see it there.




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  • Hi Cycleman90,
    I'd like to clarify your situation. Do you mean you want to delete e-mails on the server after downloading to client or in Outlook Web App (connected account)?
    If you want to do this in client, here are two scenarios:
    1. If you are connecting Outlook client to your Exchange Online mailbox using Exchange connection, the changes would be synchronized between local and online mailbox. Therefore, you would not be able to keep e-mails locally but delete them from the server.
    As your Online mailbox is reaching capacity, to work this around, I suggest you backup your e-mails to a local file ( .pst file), and then delete them from either client or OWA (Outlook Web App)to free up Online mailbox space. For more information about backup your mailbox, please refer to How to manage personal folders files in Outlook.
    2. If you are connecting to Exchange Online mailbox using POP connection, you may be able to keep your e-mails in local mailbox.
    To do this, In Outlook 2010, go to File>Options>Advanced; address Send/Receive section and click the Send/Receive button on the right; select Edit; select your account; click on Account Properties; select the advanced tab and you will see the "Leave on Server" setting.
    For more information, please refer to Leave e-mail messages on your e-mail server

    If you want to do this in OWA, please try to do this as following:
    1). Log into MOP (Microsoft Online Portal).
    2). Click Outlook on the top.
    3).click Options on the top left, select "See All Options".
    4).Click Connected Accounts on the top.
    5). Double click on the connected account.
    6).Click Account Information, de-select "Leave mail on sever", click Save.
    Please refer to Connected Accounts Tab.
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them in the forum.

    Evan Zhang

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  • Hi Cycleman90,

    I understand you want to delete e-mails from POP account which is connected to Office 365 mailbox.
    If you’re connecting to an account that allows POP access, the default behavior is to keep the e-mail messages both in your connected account's mailbox and in your cloud-based Exchange mailbox account.
    According to your situation, if we can't change the default behavior in Options > See All Options > Account > Connected Accounts in ECP (Exchange Control Panel), we can try to do the following:

    1). Delete the connected account in ECP.

    2). Re-configure the connected account with an incorrect POP mail account and password. After the auto configuration failed, we can get to the manually configuration menu, please manually configure your POP mail account and de-select "Leave mail on server" there.

    For more information about connected account, please refer to the following articles:
    Learn About Connected Accounts
    FAQs: Downloading E-Mail from Connected Accounts


    Evan Zhang

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