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Import of CSV file to Office 365 Contacts, field mapping issue

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I am importing contacts into Office 365 from CSV file but the "business phone" and "business fax" end up in the notes field. Also, email address is not being imported though it is in the CSV file. Any idea why this is happening? Is this "normal" behavior? Is there a doc for me to reference the naming of columns in my CSV file to ensure the column names are the names Office 365 is looking for on the import? The column names are the default export names when exporting out of Outlook 2010. Thanks for all quick replies.

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  • Hi techster,

    Just want to confirm if you were using the contact importing feature in Outlook Web App to import your contacts to Office 365 account?

    Considering the rich columns of the contact card in Outlook 2010/2007, some cloumn may not available to import through CSV file in Outlook Web App. However, you may consider using PST file to transfer the contacts information from old account to new Office 365 account through Outlook 2010. For detailed guide, you may refer the following article, You may just need to choose the contact folder when you export/import to PST file if ony contacts are needed to be transferred.

    Lester Zhang

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  • Thank you Lester Zhang, much appreciated.  The solution for me was to utilize Outlook 2010 - configure the Office 365 account in Outlook 2010 and sync my contacts into the Outlook Web App in Office 365.

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  • Hi Lester,

    When I follow the CSV export from Outlook and then CSV import into OWA, any record that was originally saved with only a Company name but nothing in the Name field, appears greyed out in the OWA and blank when viewed through Outlook 2007. Opening such a record, selecting the Company field and then re-saving solves the problem, but I have many hundreds such contacts and would like to avoid that. 

    Is the upcoming new version of Office 365 going to be better at importing contacts? It's also frustrating that there's a limit to how many you can do at once. I would have thought it a relatively simple matter for Microsoft to allow a stand-alone Office pst file to be imported wholesale into 365. If a solution is imminent I'll wait for the new version. 

    Thanks for your help. 


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