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Facebook like button on website

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I just can't figure out how to get the Facebook like button on my public website. Does anyone know how to do this with either Microsoft Sharepoint Designer or some other procedure.  

Thank you! 

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  • You can try something like the below but understand this isn't supported by Microsoft. Im sure you can find some coders that might have figure it out. Google would be a great place to start if you don't like the link below

  • Hello,

    This is Justin with Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.  Thanks for your response AppRiver!

    I am afraid adding this content to your public site is outside our scope of support.  However, I have a suggestion for adding this to your site as the below worked for my public site.  Try a simple Bing search for "facebook like button public facing site" and search for a way to generate the code for a Like button to your site.  Take this code and insert it into the HTML gadget from the Insert tab of the navigation pane.  Using code with an iframe would more than likely work the easiest.


    Justin Ronan
    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

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  • I'm pretty sure I already answered this. I doubt anyone wants to add a FB button to a team site which is all they'll get from the SPlearn article. This is the only way:

    Add code to the 365 public site

  • JASON you are so full of it . who cares .. you folks at MICROSOFT have GONE BACKWARDS .. this was supported in microsoft small business website development by placing the code in the footer oiption .. this  facility has been taken away in MIcrosoft 365 WHY.. i dont want to hear your wishy washy answer about code .. we know about code out here .. and we got the code we need and we need to put it where it needs to function .. so yoiu need to understand if thats within yiour scope of understanding yiou people have taken  step backwards for the worst and not positive for the future . .and i had  a free website and now you want me to pay for a service that has taken a step backwards .. give me BILL GATES RIGHT NOW to  answer my question and all our questoins on this subject as yiou are not able to answer Jason

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  • The coding i had was directly given to me by facebook itself and this genrated coding so it could be shared any where and every were  . i fiyou can get off ur duff and go look at under microsoft small busineess u will see the code i had and it was in the footer ad was beautfuul . i want BILL GATES righ tnow to answer why I cannot put this same coding in the footer option of microsoft 365 .. what do you think i am out here just a payer to iyou . .i need to make a living and a week you have had my site destroyed with all our backeardsness. i just wnt a website . .i dont want a team website or nothing fancy i dont want to comunicate i dont want fancy emai ll i just want my website like it was .. i dont need anything else but for this to function at the very least as it had performed in small business and in fact microsoft 365 should be better but it s worse .. lack of size of text options lack of choice of style of text so many errors happening on just basics . .have to triple space so it appears double space what is wrong with you people . like i said i got a bs in computer science and i am one awesome tester .. you would not be bombarded with all these problems or questions if you folks did thing properly there.

  • 1. Spell Check is a new feature you should look into

    2. Who's Jason?

    3. Bill Gates hasn't worked at Microsoft in a while.

    4. Did you look at the link i sent you? Have you tried to google it? Have you spoken to any web developers yourself?

    There is not many times i will take up for Microsoft as i have my own problems with them, but when you go on a rant, please use proper english.

    We are also here to help you and the more you screen and yell at someone, they chances that you get help are slim.

    Putting a Facebook "Like" button on your sharepoint site is not a hard job. Google it and find your answer or pay someone to do it for you.

    What you are talking about is a feature and not something that is broke.

    I am not trying bash here, i just wish people would think before going on a rant.

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  • Lady Trojan,

    You may not be aware of this but adding a facebook like button to OLSB didn't work either until a user figured out a workaround using the custom footer module. Same in 365, except the workaround is different.

    As you've found out, 365 isn't really designed to host public web sites but there are plenty of free alternatives available if you do a quick search.

    Good luck.

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  • david yoiur two cents worth is trash here .. i will repeat in the website development for small business in the footer i could place the facebook coding to share myi website anyiwhoueres and thats how it should be so anyone who visits th ewebsite can share to facebook twitter or where the hell ever . .i have found the statement somewheres aroud here that microsft removed the footer editing feature .. without this NO ONE i repeat NO ONE will be able to share the site YOIU GET IT .. you knee d to wake up and get it .. thats free advertising right there so when somene visits yjour wee tabsite they can share it .. MY SITE IS SCREWED NOW a  valuable featurre has been taken away .. now you want me to pay for a service gone backwards ....... I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO RANT and so does anyone else who had a share button on their site .. i dont want a stupid like button for people to press so i can see visitors thats kind of stupid i need it shared you get got it good wake up your business sense and i dont care if bill gates has worked there a while or not if its still his firm then its messed up big time .. if its passed to someone else well they screwed up big time and I@M GONNA SPREAD THE WORD HOW YOU (£UOU£0{ UP

  • I dont want to hear comments about it not designed for public websites . thats clearly backwards .. thats what many of us had microsoft for to host a public website free .. ie charities small business people like me trying to promote a book. THE whole POINT was to have a PUBLIC WEBSITE .. PUBLIC .. and thats what microsoft told me small business public website closing and to use the MICROSOFT 365 now to do this. I EXPECT MY SITE TO STILL FUNCTION .. the footer is NEEDED IMMEDIATELY in the PUBLIC FACING WEBSITE .. I am not a firm playing internal games building tema sites to pass around .. I'm WANTING A my PUBLIC WEBSITE .... as many of us out here want.

  • and dont b arrogant and go  on about spell checker . .thats so friggin rude its beyond belief . i type fast and on small key board so stop being ignorant

  • david i'm gonna direct my conversation directly at you now . i did what you said and NO that doesn't provide period what i had. I will make it very clear to you once more. i dont want a like button for someone to click and just like .... the footer on small business allowed for the coding so when the like button was there it was able to share across a range of social media platforms linkedin twitter facebook and many many others just like in youtube .. whats the point of having a public webstie trying to get business as a one man band or anyone for that matter is a visitor who goes to your website cannot click on the link to directly share that website across the platfrorms .. what you are talking about does not do that .. i checked it out i dont want like button for people to press so i see likes .. i NEED SITE SHARING anyoine DOES .. come on now we are in a recession lots of poeple have lost jobs .. lots of people trung to start own business and there website cant be shared .. instructions closing microsoft public small business website hosting down to use microsoft 365 instead .. i am not here to want little bitsy individual websites to pass around with staff .. gosh .. so many problems even in editing its beyond belief .. what is microsoft thinking ..... what  and now i have to pay and i cant have the proiper hosting facilities or editing failities or the features as before  .. thats ridiculous .. if you can suggest someone else who can give me the facilities then tell me and i'll go there for this is ridiculous.

  • i can afford to rant and rave about this as i' did have a perfect functioning website ...  and people were able to share my website .. i siy here now i dont have a job ... told small business closing  .. go to micrsoft 365 now and you onlyi get it free for 6 months then you pay . but major facilities have been removed and i am not supposed to rant and rave .. give me a break ...

  • I dont want to hear comments about it not designed for public websites....thats what microsoft told me small business public website closing and to use the MICROSOFT 365 now to do this.

    You don't have to do what MSFT says. If you're not happy with the service, you can move on to another. Many people who used OLSB and moved are much, much happier. Nothing is going to change here - I asked here FOR A YEAR  for the restoration of the custom footer as well as the ability to publish lists on the public site and nothing has changed. MSFT is just not interested in offering public site hosting. So you can either try to make 365 work for you with the solutions already offered above, or look for an alternative. 
  • ok lots of guys down there in microsoft with name beginning with a J i'm gonna be JENNIFER how about that Jason Juston all of you .. i dont want to hear that wishy washy answer about code .. its all code put into html and etc .. a piece of facebook coding to share a website is no different its all coding you slap and then it compiles and then away hooooooooooo . .now please spmeone take URGENT ACTION to allow for some option footer i dont care what button u want me to press to insert the coding so i can SHARE MY WESITE and this will be ever so more important as you want money from me now for a PUBLIC FACING WEBSITE .. I COULD CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY .. I AM CRYINGGGGGGGG

  • i simply cannot believe in this modern era you would take the facility in microsoft 365 that was there in the small business designer away. In this day age thats the object to be able share thats what your games are with the team sites ... fix the public website for gods sake. i wont stop until its fixed .. i want the newspaper on this one.