Outlook 2013 is opening in "work offline" mode. How do I stop this?

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I've just upgraded to Office 2013.  My outlook, by default somehow, is now opening in "work offline" mode.  In order to start getting mail I have to go to the "send/receive" tab an unselect "work offline".  How do I stop outlook from opening up in this mode?


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  • Hi dean.f,

    Please check the Work Offline button on the Send/Receive tab, if it is highlighted, Outlook will work in offline mode. Please click this button again, Outlook will go back online. You can also take a look at this article for more information: office.microsoft.com/.../work-offline-to-avoid-data-connection-charges-HA102809572.aspx


    Young Yang

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  • My problem is that when I open Outlook, it opens in the offline mode.  I don't want it to open like that because it takes me an extra few steps to start getting connected.  I want it to open in the online mode.

  • Hi dean.f,

    After doing some research, I found that some of other customer who have the similar issue solved it by creating a profile. Therefore, I do recommend you refer to the links below to configure the Office 365 account on a new profile and check to see if the issue persists. Any updates, feel free to let me know.

    How to create and configure email profiles in Outlook

    Set up email in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013

    Aaron Yuan

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  • Hi Dean.f,

    Do you have any updates?

    Aaron Yuan

  • I'm not sure what happened but now outlook is opening properly.  I have rebooted the computer a few more times since my first post and now it works.  I'm not sure if the problem was due to the spotty service we've been getting since our Office 365 upgrade or not.  

  • I had the same problem and 'fixed' it by recreating my Outlook profile. It appears that the profile became corrupt when the machine rebooted unexpectedly following a power cut.

  • This solved the problem for me.  My Outlook was "stuck" working offline after a patch Tuesday automatic reboot.  Clicking the "Work Offline" button toggled it and brought me back online.



  • Thanks Dean.f

    But once you restart outlook starts in offline mode again!

  • I have this issue on one of my clients, I have created new profile, updated patches but it happens again and again.

    I have tried all the suggestions on this page by now. Please advise!

  • Hi sbb365, I suggest you post a new thread with detailed information for quick support.

  • This is happening to us all the time as well. I've got Outlook Twitter support looking at it, but it is very frustrating having to delete and recreate the profile every couple of weeks. There is clearly something at fault when updates are installed.

  • We have an exchange server environment where performance is dependent on caching the email on the local machine, so recreating a profile inconveniences the user while it is downloading the cache, and impacts the rest of the office while this downloads. There needs to be another solution instead of simply recreating the profile.

  • after reading these post I would like to suggest looking at the send and receive tab adn press the work offline tab for it to connect.

  • after reading these post I would like to suggest looking at the send and receive tab adn press the work offline tab for it to connect. This worked for me and is working fine now each time it starts up