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Autofill Email Contact Box Disappears Before Able To Click

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I'm currently having an issue with attempting to choose an already existing (and emailed) contact from my address book.

When attempting to type in a users email address the 'autofill box' pops up very briefly but then disappears before given a chance to select.

This happens across all browsers.

Any ideas?

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  • Hello,

    Based on my understanding, the issue is when you compose a new email in Outlook Web App, you type the email address in the To field, the suggested contact does appear but it disappear very quickly so you cannot pick it.

    To help narrow down this kind of issue, you may try the following steps,

    1), type less words, for example, type just "j" or "jo" and wait a little to see if the intended matcher will show up, and use up or down arrow in keyboard to select and use enter to choose.
    2), if it’s an external contact, you may go to the Contact folder in Outlook Web App, click the suggested contact folder, and remove the contact card for this contact, then use the full email address to send email in order to generate a new suggested contact card and try again.
    3), make sure the browser is updated with all recent patches, for Internet Explorer, you can go to Internet Option by clicking the gear icon, then click reset in Advanced tab to reset the settings.
    4), you may disable the browser add-ins, plug-ins or extensions for test. Also, you may check the local anti-virus/firewall to see if any block.

    To get a better understanding of this issue, I need to confirm some information. Which browsers (with version) have you tried? Does this issue happen to single external contact, all external contact or internal users?

    Lester Zhang

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  • Hi Lester,

    Thank you for your response.

    We have actually discovered the problem being down to a hardware issue.

    Thanks once again,

    Kind regards,


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  • Hi Ray,

    Appreciate your response and solution sharing.

    The cause is pretty rare which make your sharing more valuable.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Lester Zhang

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