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Opening a Word template from the SharePoint Workspace Problem

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I notice an issue with the Workspace.  When opening a Word template it opens as a template instead of a new document based on the template.  Users are messing up the template.  How can I correct this behavior.

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  • Hi,
    The correct method to create a new document based on a template could be illustrated as below.
    1, Start Microsoft Word Application in your PC.
    2, Click File  -> New.
    3, Click New from existing under Available Templates.
    4, If your have Sharepoint Workspace installed on this PC, you will see Microsoft Word -> Workspaces in the left navigation panel.
    5, Enter this workspace and type in your password for your sharepoint site if necessary.
    6, Choose your template file in this dialog box.
    7, After editing, you could save this file into your workspace and synchonize with your sharepoint site.

    P.S. I tried to create a document online, it seems that no such functions have been provided.
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