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  • Forum Post: Cant login with new Domain Name

    Hey, I had purchased a new domain name and did all the steps and got my domain name. Verfication etc... I am able to login with my new domain name on without any problems. but while using lync 2010...its a troublesome... when I was using my xxx@olddomain...
  • Forum Post: Lync - Skype - merge technologies?

    Hi there, Interested to understand if and how Skype technology might be integrated into the platform. Thanks, Venessa
  • Forum Post: Re: Instant Message MSN users outside our company with Lync

    PIC messaging presence errors depend on the domain the MSN user is associated to and if your domain is on the cloud or hosted on premise. Currently for either only certain MSN accounts are eligible for Lync integration. Please see the link below :
  • Forum Post: Re: Is it possible to hide Lync 2010 but use the rest of Office 365?

    When assigning an Office 365 license you are able to select which services your user will benefit from. If you would like for the Accounting Team to not have access to Lync but the Engineering Team needs access and they all have the same license, you will need to make the adjustment in the Users section...
  • Forum Post: "Save my password" option remember password always even if all deleted.

    Hi, I installed Lync and then I login with my username (also with a couple of different username). With my username, I checked the "Save my password" in login screen. After that, -normally- it started to login without any password request. Even if I sign out, it can login with my username...
  • Forum Post: Lync with concurrent logins?

    I use Lync for at work under my corporate credentials and have a user account under a completely separate Office 365 account and unqiue domain. Is it possible to have both accounts logged in at once?
  • Forum Post: lync server error

    Cannot sign into Lync...server is busy... I have 3 other computers set up with Lync....This computer will not connect to server...server is busy error message...everytime.
  • Forum Post: Lync 2010 Error with Office 365

    I have verified that screen sharing with Lync 2010 from a Windows 7 computer to a Vista Business computer causes a blue screen of death. We repeatedly tried with the same results.
  • Forum Post: How do I display Windows Live external contact photos in Lync 2010?

    I have added a bunch of Windows Live accounts to my Lync Online account. I know for a fact that these have profile photos (because I also have them in my personal Windows Live Messenger) but the photos never show up in Lync 2010. Is there any way I can get this to work?
  • Forum Post: Virtual SIP Providers

    Hi, We are looking for good virtual SIP providers for Lync Online eliminating the need for an on-premise deployment of a PBX hardware. Any one had good experiences with cost effective and reliable virtual sip providers? Best Regards, Abby
  • Forum Post: How do I enable Video Recording in Lync 2010?

    I would like to Record meetings and Record Video messages for my employees using Lync. After reading through this site I have found that I will need to enable this option. How do I do this? Thank you in advance Frank R.
  • Forum Post: Lync emoticons

    When we switched from Office Communicator to Lync, we lost some emoticons that we used with relative frequency. Off the top of my head, this includes the angel, devil, and crossed fingers. I'm sure there are more as well. Is there any way to get the Office Communicator emoticons in Lync or expand...
  • Forum Post: Cannot Sign in to Lync Says: Cannot Sign In Because Server is Temporaitly Unavailable

    What server is this and what should I do to fix the issue? Thanks
  • Forum Post: Re: Lync for Mac

    Exciting news today Let me know what you think!
  • Forum Post: Re: Lync troubles with personal certificate

    Hello Lester, Thaks for your help. I tried to fix it by point 3, becouse point 1 and 2 i have already done. At point 3 I deleted personal Certificate. But when i started lync, it wasnt work again. I try logon to lync like diferent user, but still nothink. Can by some problem with no personal, some...
  • Forum Post: Lync Contacts Missing

    This morning when I open lync, all of my contacts are missing! Lync signs on but I can't contact anyone via Lync because there are no contacts to contact. The contact section is blank.
  • Forum Post: Re: Collarboration with Lync and Outlook calender

    Hello Christian R, You experience one or more of the following symptoms in Microsoft Lync Online in a Microsoft Office 365 environment: You cannot connect to Lync Online. The following features do not work in Lync Online Presence updates, and this includes contact pictures Microsoft...
  • Forum Post: Solved my Lync Sign In Issue (time sync)

    It is always something stupid... We have an AD domain that is set up with SSO to Office365. There are no users that directly log in to the domain from their PCs, it is hosted on several virtual servers at a hosting provider along with a terminal server and all the SSO and dirsync infrastructure...
  • Forum Post: Lync 426 file

    Hi, I just signed up for Lync Online and purchased 10 licenses. I am able to sign in fine, however when I add a user and direct them to sign in, they start the sign-in process and then it tells them additional software is needed. They click the link and they are directed to download a file called...
  • Forum Post: Lync troubles with personal certificate

    Hello, i would like to ask you for help. We started use office 365 servicies (Lync, Exchange) After change password to computer user can't connect to Lync, Outlook works (Password to computer not to lync) This is error message " There was a problem acquiring a personal certificate...
  • Forum Post: New Online Meeting from outlook does not work with lync

    Whenever I try to schedule an online meeting through MS Outlook (I'm using 2010, as are other users at my company) I get an error stating: "The usernames in outlook and lync do not match. Please make sure you are signed into both applications with the same user name and priviledges."...
  • Forum Post: MS Communicator Mobile 1.0 Login Error

    Cannot connect MS Communicator Mobile Version 1.0.710 on Nokia E5: Username: Password: ********** Server URL: The problem obviously in Server URL, so anyone knows how to resolve it? How can i find out what the...
  • Forum Post: Re: Unable to download lyncsetup.exe

    Hello Stale Sve Rian, I understand that you are not able to download Lync 2010 client on your computer using IE9 but you were able to download Lync 2010 client on a server with IE8. There are several reasons a download is stopped. Is your computer with IE9 on a corporate network? ...
  • Forum Post: LYNC Office 365 Question

    Hi All, I just started the Office 365 LYNC setup. I've created 4 users. I need to setup about 250 users. I'm a bit lost in terms of the contact lists. Everyone I setup should be in the contact list, however the 4 users I've setup for testing do not see each other. I don't know...
  • Forum Post: Lync Server not responding

    I have been working with Lync 2010 no problem, then I started to recieve "the server is not responding or cannot be reached". I have made the manually changes to the advance setting by adding but this hasn't resolved it. Any ideas anyone