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How do you add a Windows Live Messenger contact to your Lync contacts?

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Before signing up to Office365, I had a live ID using my domain name, this same email address is now used for Office365 - I understand I should now use Lync instead of Windows Live Messenger, that's fine...


Before I signed up for Office365, I had a few contacts on Windows Live Messenger. Now I want to add more Live Messenger users...How do I do it?


I have setup external communication on my domain.


I login to Lync desktop app


I see the Live messenger contacts in the list, all the ones that were there before I signed up for Office365,

however, I don't know how to add additional new external contacts who use Live Messenger.


The people I want to add are in "My Contacts" in Outlook etc, but do not show up in the Lync application.


How do I get new Windows Live Messenger contacts to appear in Lync??






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