New Users to Show Automatically in Lync Online

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  • Is there a setting somewhere (I could not find) that allows any new users added in our O365 account to automatically show up in Lync contacts for each user?

    At the moment it seems that the only way for other users to know about new users and have them in their contact list, would be for someone to send a notification and each existing person to add the new person each time.

    I realize if you had 10,000 users you wouldn't have new users show up automatically, but maybe there is an option to turn this on or off?

  • At this point such an option is not provided.

    Danny Burlage

    MVP Office 365

  • Thanks Danny

  • Just saw this post and it's about 3 years old.  Do you know if there is a feature to add lync users automatically now?

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