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Is it possible to hide Lync 2010 but use the rest of Office 365?

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The Lync 2010 download adds items (red/green buttons, chat box) that our small business doesn't want to use.  But we're very interested in Outlook & office apps online, especially for our smartphones.  Is there a way to use Office 365 without using Lync 2010?  Many thanks
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    When assigning an Office 365 license you are able to select which services your user will benefit from. If you would like for the Accounting Team to not have access to Lync but the Engineering Team needs access and they all have the same license, you will need to make the adjustment in the Users section of the admin portal. Please follow the steps below to add/remove or modify current user licenses.


    Assign a license to a user:

    It is also possible to change license assignments for users after they are created. To add a license to an existing user account, do the following.


    1. In the header, click Admin.

    2. In the left pane, under Management, click Users.

    3. Click the name of the user to whom you want to modify a license. The Assign licenses page appears.

    4. Select the check box for the services that you want to assign or exclude, and then click Save.


    Note :

    •Not all services are available in all user locales. For a list of restrictions, see License restrictions for Office 365.


    •You can assign new licenses or replace existing licenses for more than one user at a time. On the Users page, select the check box next to the names of the users, click Edit, and then click Next twice until the Assign licenses page appears. Select Replace existing license assignments or Add to existing license assignments, and then select the check box for the licenses that you want to assign. For information about editing multiple users, see Create, edit, or delete users.


    •You cannot assign a license for a service if your company has no licenses available for that service. For the procedure to purchase more licenses, see Purchase more licenses.


    For more information on managing licenses please refer to the following Online Help document:

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