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Presence Unknown for Certain Users

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Certain Users in my organization cannot view the presence ( presence unknown ) of a user in my organization.


A - Users whose presence cannot be determined

B,C - Users who can view others presence

When A is logged in, he can see the status of B and C, however C and B get "Presence Unknown" for A.  I have logged these users in from different locations in order to remove the possibility of this being a firewall issue.  Additionally, when I login to the same location where B and C cannot see A's presence, I am able to see his presence.

I confirmed that the administration of this allows for presence to be propagated.  I am not sure what i am missing here.  

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  • Hi TchSavvy,

    Thanks for posting here.
    I understand that two users B and C can’t view user A’s presence and their presence can be viewed by A.

    Based on this situation, would you please confirm the following information?
    1. Can user A’s presence be viewed by other users (except for B and C)?
    2. Can B and C view other user’s presence?

    If other users can see A’s presence, please check if B and C have been moved to user A’s block list. In general, if we move one user from the available contact list to block contacts list, our Lync presence will not be displayed and viewed for this specific user.
    1. In the In the main Lync 2010 window, select Relationship.
    2. Expand the Blocked Contacts group, and then verify that the offline contact is not blocked.

    If all organization users can’t see A’s presence status, please refer to the steps in the following articles and see if I have addressed the issue.
    Instant messages fail or presence is unknown for federated Lync contacts

    How to troubleshoot Lync Online instant messaging and presence issues

    Grace Shi

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