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Allow public IM connectivity but block outside contacts from sending in

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The organization I am working with would like to have public IM connectivity - but have control over their contact list like they did in Windows Live.


For example, in Windows Live Messenger you can set that you do not want to receive any invites from other Windows Live users - a setting I think most people use because otherwise you end up getting spammed in Windows Live.


Since this organization went live on Lync with public IM connectivity because of the collaborative nature of their work, they began to recieve contact requests from unknown windows live users.


I have tried to find in the Lync user settings how to prevent the invitation from being able to go through but I can't find it. I have read and reread all the documentation and I haven't found anything.


The only thing I am left with is shutting off Public IM connectivity all together. I assume there has to be something that I am missing.

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