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Trying to verify my DNS using MX record.

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I am at the step of verifying my domain name with 1and1, and created the MX record with a priority on the 1and1 site.  However, the Microsoft instructions of what content to actually enter for the MX value is somewhat confusing.  They say to cut and paste the MX value in the instruction, append the "" to the end, and then they say your MX record will look something like this but with your unique value for the "ms" portion.   

Where to I find my "unique value for the MS portion"?   Is this the Unique ID that was shown on the page when I initally created the my Office Professional 360 account or is there another value they are looking for me to enter? 

Can anyone help? Thanks



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  • Hello Itssltd,

    As I understand, you want to verify your domain ownership with MX record. For this situation, please try the steps below to verify/add your domain from Office 365.

    1. Logon to Microsoft Online Portal (MOP) at with a Global Administrator.

    2. Click "Admin -> Domains -> Add a domain" to open the adding domain wizard.

    3. Follow the actual steps in the wizard to create MX record and verify your domain.

        Note:To avoid the impact of your email service, please make sure that you have specified a larger value of preference (priority) for the MX record for domain verification than the number you’ve specified for existing MX records.

    Add your domain to Office 365

    Thank you.

    Jack Sun

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  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for replying.  I have done the above steps.  The part I am having a problem with is what the content of the MX record should be.  In the "Add Your MX Record" step, the instructions are confusing.   I have pasted the instructions U an referring to below.  

    2. In the first record field for the new MX record, type or paste the following: ms50343315.msv1.invalid

    3. Add to the end of that information "" (without the quotes). The final text in the first field for the MX record will look something like this, but with your unique value for the "ms" portion:

    In #2 above, it tells me to paste the ms50343315.msv1.invalid, then in #3 it tells me to add "" without the quotes, then it says it will look something like, BUT with MY UNIQUE value for the "ms" portion.   Question: Where do I find my unique value for the ms portion.  should this have been provided to me by Microsoft when I signed up for Office 365 or do I use the exact value of ms50343315 provided in step #2?  

    Please advise and thanks again...

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  • Hi Itssltd,

    The unique value mentioned in step 3 is the value that collected from the Destination or Points To Address field. For example, if the value shown in the Destination or Points To Address field is msxxxxxxxx, the MX record should be

    Mindy Pan


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  • Hello Itssltd,

    Did the Mindy's reply answer your questions? Can you verify your domain with Mindy's suggestion? If you need additional assistance on this problem, please let us know. Thank you.

    Jack Sun

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