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Download file of Lync is incomplete and use of the MSDN version

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Hi there,

firstly thanks for the invite for the Office365 Beta :-)

I am new and therefore playing a litte bit with Office365; great. I tried to download Lnyc from the link from the start page on Office365, but the download does not complete; meaning the file I get differs in size when I download it more times. So, I think it's a bandwith or server response problem.

I got Lync from my MSDN Account, the version from there asked me after the installation to install a supplementary online service from MS. This work fine and I can login. However Lync tells me that an update is avalaible and when I try to get it, I am redirected to the download site for Lync on Office365. My question is, can someone give a tip what to do?

Thanks in advance & regards :-)

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  • Hello,

    I've verified the problem with the download -- it's probably related to the demand the download servers are getting with all the updates -- and we're currently looking into getting this resolved as soon as we can.



    Thank you,
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