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Perservation of current federations (MS)

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due to the nature of our Global Microsoft Alliance partnership we have also running a Microsoft IM Federation.
This federation is generally disabled by default on BPOS365 to prevent anybody contacting anybody at MS.

Is there a way to activate selectively a federation between MS and our Getronics tenant.
As at least 50% of my contacts are MS and my role as Alliance manager had this as a role requirement requested from both sides (MS and GTN).

Did you see any way to create a selective federation within the Lync Online service with MS?

Thanks for taking that into your considerations!


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  • Joerg,

    At this time we are unable to federate Lync Online tenants with the Microsoft domain.  We are currently working with MSIT to make the necissary changes to support these types of requests in the future, however at this time I do not have an ETA.  My best guess puts us past the new year, but hopefully before GA.

    We will keep you updated as we get additional information.

    Best Regards,

    Shawn Mahan

    Lync Online Program Manager

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