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Lync for Mac Sign in Issue

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  • Could you let me know whether there is a fix for this yet, if not, some sort of timeline would be appreciated

  • a timeline would be appreciated.

  • FYI, removing the "unknown" certificate did not help.     I agree, a timeline would be nice.

    Also, maybe next time you would consider beta testing so real world Mac users can help work through these issues before they make it to final release.  

  • I had (still have) this issue but now it has escalated to crash the Lync client in Mac OSx Lion every time I try to log on to our Lync Online.

    Pls advice

  • The crash was fixed for me in lion by deleting the unknown cert... That just leaves all the other problems...

  • Hmm, do you by any chance have a short "action list" for removing the cert? If so, pls post. That would at least solve one issue :)

    Strange btw, I haven't had that problem and all of a sudden it appears, don't even think I have installed any Office upgrades.

  • Solved it.

    1. start keychain (Nyckelhanteraren in Swedish)

    2. scroll down to unknown (okänt in Swedish) certificate

    3. select and delete it

    Now you at least can try to log in, it won't work but at least the Lync Client won't crash.

  • Agree.

    This service has technically been down for 5 days now with no mention of how close to resolution they are.

    If it was any other aspect of Office 365 it would be called an actual Outage....

  • This issue is STILL happening and it is not just on Mac's.  This issue has been going on for at least two days now (probably more).  It appears to be intermittent because EVENTUALLY the issue resolves itself.  My best guess at this point is that M$ online's cert servers are not issuing certs for some reason (cert server issue, DNS issue, unknown?).  Bottom line, this is a major hassle, and is directly impacting our business.  My best guess why this hasn't been fixed (besides incompetence) is that it might only be affecting those using federation.

    I've tried various "fixes" offered by others online, without success.  The only way to fix it is to wait.  Some of the "fixes" I've tried:


    2. Un/re - installing both Lync and MS Online services sign-in assistant.

    3. Removing an individual's license in the admin console.


    Bottom line, I'm happy to do these steps to try to help troubleshoot and to get one or two users working quickly, but this has happened in the past and seems to be a CHRONIC issue with M$ online.  Expecting us to run through the steps in #4 more than once is RIDICULOUS.

    M$ online, WHY U NO FIX?!?!?!!?  Quit pretending this is an issue on the client side and FIX YOUR SERVICE!

  • Hi cschauer,

    I sincerely appreciate for your efforts and time to help troubleshoot the issue.

    Officially the Lync for Mac client supports connecting to Lync Online. The Lync Online and Office for Mac support teams are working closely with several customers that are experiencing issues with signing-in, but we have not yet identified a definitive root cause or solution. I can assure you we are committed to fully supporting the use of the recently released Lync for Mac with Lync Online, and we apologize for the issues that some are experiencing. More information will be provided as soon as it’s available.

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • We were notified recently that in Nov. there is to be an upgrade to Office 365 that is to address the Mac issue (among others) as well as the release of an iOS Lync client.

    I'll believe it when I see it, but would sure be nice.

  • Still can't login.

  • Microsoft is releasing a software update for the Lync for Mac 2011 client that will resolve two known issues:

    •          Lync for Mac sign-in into Office 365
    •          Installation of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 causes Lync for Mac to become inoperable

    Lync for Mac users will be receiving the software update starting next week through Microsoft AutoUpdate. After the update, Lync for Mac users will be able to connect to Office 365 and use Lync for Mac on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2.

  • This is SO GREAT! I have run the AutoUpdate and received it. Now I can connect my Lync for Mac client to Lync Online!

    Now it is time for further testing! :)

  • +1   Just downloaded the update, am now online.   Too bad all my people are out of office and I can't test anything... but it looks ok.

    Still had to hard code the server settings though.  HOpe that gets fixed eventually.

    iOS client now?  

  • Works with me 2 ... HAPPPY

    Jethro Seghers - - Office 365 MVP
  • The fix isn't working for me.

    I have already had everything checked out...and am running appropriate software and system for my Mac.

    But I can't download v14.0.1 fix because it says i have to have v14.0.0 first installed...which is not installed on my Mac...

    How do I get it?


  • Confused by your message.  You say its not working, yet you don't even have Lync installed?

    I'd think having Lync actually on your Mac would be the first step in seeing if it worked or not.

  • Lync has never installed, in software updates and system updates, etc...   In following setup instructions as Admin on MS365 online...Nada....  I have had a problems since I signed up.

    Lync has never worked.  I have asked for support on all of was sent to escalation.

    Then out came the "fix" but it hasn't been a fix for any of the issues I am having.

    I am not using Lion.  I am using Mac OS X.

  • I think the question is, when will Mac users get the same possibility to download Lync as part of their Office365 subscription. I have Office 2011 for Business and I have Office365, why can't I get Lync?

  • there is a work around here...

  • yes you can download the app .... search for mu-lync-for-mac-2011-mac-dvd on google....

  • I am a non IT pro that is currently on the Office 365 P1 plan.  My trial has been running for 2 weeks now with no access to Lync, communicator etc  I am following all the notes that have been posted and followed the info posted by MS.  On Friday night, communicator seemed to be working but ever since, no joy just a message in my contacts list that says "instant messaging isn't working right now....."  This is becoming extremely frustrating especially as I am unable to speak directly to someone who can help.  Any ideas anyone?

  • As noted, I wouldn't know, as I don't have access to Communicator nor Lync for Mac. I am increasingly getting frustrated with O365's support for the Mac, or lack thereof. I am paying for service which I can' t use. No access to Lync. No webdav support for Sharepoint, thus rendering Sharepoint online practiacly useless. The things that are working are Exchange online and Office online. I already have Office on my Mac, so I only use O365 for Mail and Calender.

    I am currently considering to move to Google. Even an combination of iCloud and Skype at the moment would beat O365's support for Macs.

  • you won't get Lync because what the sales people didn't tell you and what the website doesn't make clear is that you have to be running Office 2011 for Mac ENTERPRISE edition...

    My "fix it" person just told me today that there was nothing they could do....

  • O yes, I have Ofc 2011 for Business too....I just have a small business with independent contractors who we were going to coordinate via Lync and O365.   But alas...Google, GoDaddy Exchange, Skype Premium...that is what is going to have to work for us...  

  • First you download Lync for Mac from this link

    NOTE - Scroll down all the way till you see slow download as an option. Click that and wait for 30s to begin download.

    Once Lync for Mac 2011 is downloaded, run it. However, let me tell you it wont let you login with your Office 365 credentials. So then, run Lync for Mac, go to help and click check for updates. There is an update available. Install it. Hopefully you will then be online using your 365 creds.

    If not there is another work around...

    Run Lync for Mac 2011 and follow the steps given in this link -

    it worked for me - like a charm. Now i am using all Lync functions right in Outlook 2011 for Mac. Yes including setting up online meetings, video chat etc. You actually have to put the wrong ID once and then the right one - the weird ways of MS! Let me know how you do!



  • Hi Nicklas. Do you have the link for Microsoft AutoUpdate to fix the issue? Thanks!

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