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Spell Check and new 2013 Office 365 OWA

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Since the conversion of my O365 Outlook to 2013, I do not see the Spell Check button nor an option to 'always spell check' before sending.  I saw the below response but I can't find the right area to check to see if this setting is on or off.  Where do I go to get the Option listed below?  If I'm in Outlook and I hit the sprocket and choose Options, I see Settings, but when I click that, I get Mail, Calendar & Regional.  Under Mail, I have my signature options and a few other things, but nothing about blind/low vision nor spell check.  Can someone shed some light on where I need to go to adjust?  This happens in either IE8 or IE9 on both Windows 7 Pro and XP Pro.  Thank you.




This issue may be caused by the OWA light version. Therefore, I’d like to suggest you refer the following steps to see if it helps:
1. Click Options > Settings > General.
2. On the General tab, under Accessibility, uncheck Use the blind and low vision experience.
3. Click Save or press CTRL+S to save your changes.
4. Sign out and sign in again to complete the change to the light version.

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  • Hi John,

    Did you encounter the issue when using Outlook Web App (OWA) after upgrading your Office 365 tenant?

    If yes, in the latest release, Outlook Web App relies on the web browser for spell checking, which Internet Explorer prior to version 10 doesn’t provide. As a workaround, you may use other browsers, such as Firefox 12 or later, for spell checking when using OWA after upgrading.
    Moreover, you may also refer to the following link to submit feedback about the issue to help improve our service. Many features were upgraded based on customers’ feedback. Thanks for understanding.


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