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Can a room list be created in Exchange 2010 Online?  Do you have to use a powershell command?  Do you have to have a dirsync server installed in order to run powershell commands?


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    Remote PowerShell is available even if you are not in co-existence.  You just have to set up a remote PS session to the O365 servers.  A good guide to getting this going is provided at this (3rd-party) site:

    After completing the steps, you can see the set of commands available by doing a get-command

    Now for the caveats: some standard Exchange PS commands may not work as expected, since we're dealing with a hosted, multi-tenant, beta environment -- adding users with the normal commands, for example, just won't work.  In addition, there are several O365 specific commands (account licensing, etc.) that are NOT present since they're still being worked on.  That being said, there should be enough here to for you to list out your resource rooms with the normal commands.



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