How to sync iCal with the Calendar on Office 365

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Hi all,

I have a user who wants to keep using his iCal Calendar on his Mac OSX systems, rather than the calendar in Outlook for Mac.


As I'm new to this, could someone please give me some pointers as to how to enable sycronising of his Office 365 Exchange Calendar with iCal? The other slight wrinkle to this is that the user isn't very computer literate and is in Brighton, while I'm in Nottingham. I can't just pop down the road to see his system! I beleive he is running the latest version of the Mac OSX system on both his systems.


Any helpful advice would be more than welcome.


Yours hopefully,


Jonathan R. Portwood.

PS. We are using an Office 365 for Enterprise account (E1 subscription).

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  • Hi Jonathan,

    If you would like to use the calendar information in stored and included in the iCal calendar program, it can be achieved by selecting iCal calendars when you set up mail for Mac to access your Exchange Online account.

    More detailed information about set up Mail for Mac OS access to your e-mail account, please see the link below:

    Johnny Zhang

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  • Hi Jonathan,

    How are things going? Do you have any updates about the issue?

    Johnny Zhang

  • Any update on your issue?