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Hotmail sync, and Exchange

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Hi everyone,

I've been using a hotmail account for many years, and I've got about 2GB of emails organised into different folders.

I've signed up for Office 365, and basically, I want to use the Exchange functionality of Office 365 with my Hotmail account.

I've added it as a connected account, and Office 365 has downloaded all the emails from my Hotmail account. 

The problem is, both accounts are not in sync. I have emails from several years ago in my "inbox" marked as being sent yesterday and unread. When I read emails in the Office 365 Outlook web app (OWA), and my Hotmail account (logged in from are not being marked as read, and vice versa.

Am I missing the point with Office 365, Exchange, and hotmail? Basically, I just want to add Exchange functionality to my hotmail account so I can use the same hotmail address. I don't want to have to log into both and the OWA to sort out one particular email - I want to just be able to log into OWA (or Exchange on my email client), and have my emails synchronised with the account.

Is this possible...?

Thanks for your help,


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  • Hi,

    Why include Office 365 in the equation at all? Exchange functionality is already added to Hotmail, just log on to instead and enable the new with very similar OWA experience. Also, ActiveSync is available for Hotmail (, just configure against

    I'm not sure what functionality you are after, but I think you should stick to, and if that is not sufficient, migrate to Office 365 lock stock...

    Hope this helps,

    Jesper Ståhle

  • Hi Jesper,

    Thanks for the reply. The main reason (and perhaps only reason!) is that I wanted to use Apple Mail with my hotmail account. I've tried everything, and I don't want to use POP3 because I have a lot of mail in folders, and it doesn't sync with my inbox etc etc.

    I thought if I could add exchange functionality to Hotmail, I could connect to Exchange with Apple Mail and manage my Hotmail account that way.

    I just want to be able to use my mail client with Hotmail, and not have to use the website every time. The problem is that Hotmail doesn't even support IMAP!

    Any suggestions...?



  • Hi,

    - Imap support might come in the future:

    - Until then, try one of the follwoing:

    - Mail app is supposed to work with Outlook Anywhere. If you can get that to work against, you are golden.

    - Consider moving to Outlook 2011 for Mac

    - Consider using the iOS Mail app instead, that one supports ActiveSync (Don't know if you can get that running on MacOS)

    - Consider some other mail client (or plugin to Mail) that enables ActiveSync support

    Sorry for the vague answers here, I never owned a Mac :)

    Best regards,

    Jesper Ståhle

  • Hi Jesper,

    I read that article - and I really can't wait until IMAP comes to hotmail, as that would solve all of my problems!

    As for the rest:

    - doesn't work, unfortunately - it's EAS and only works for mobile devices (its great for my iPhone!)

    - I have Outlook 2011, but they discontinued native Hotmail support (!) so you can only connect using POP3 (!!!!!)

    - I don't know of any other clients or plugins that can enable ActiveSync support or IMAP (mBox mail doesn't work with Mountain Lion, apparently) and I don't really want to use a third party service like Izzy mail.

    Thanks for the help anyway - I do appreciate the time you've taken to answer (especially knowing you've not owned a Mac before!).

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Anthony1076,

    As I understand, you've add your Hotmail account to Office365 as a connected account. But there are synchronal problem with it.

    Before moving on, I'd like to confirm the status of the connected account.
    Sign in Office365 -> Click "Outlook" -> Options > Click "Select All Options" -> Account > Connected Accounts 

    The links below should be useful for you:

    FAQs: Downloading E-Mail from Connected Accounts
    Connected Accounts

    @Jesper, thanks for your information.

    Aaron Yuan
  • Hi Aaron,

    thanks for your email - I've checked the status, and it does say OK. The "Current Status" of the account from the 'Details' button above this also says that the account is connected. In my Hotmail account, there are (about) 40 emails, but in Office 365, there are 7974 emails that are unread.

    Also, when I read an email on OWA, it doesn't mark it as read on the Hotmail website (and also when I do something on the Hotmail website such as read or move mail into different folders, the changes are not reflected on OWA).

    Can you help...?



  • Hello Anthony,

    Thanks for your post back.

    By using Connected Accounts you can send, receive, and read e-mail messages from your connected Hotmail account in Outlook Web App (OWA). But, the emails from your Hotmail will be just downloaded in OWA while not be synchronized with your Hotmail site. Just as you have been aware.

    Cherry Wang

  • Hi Anthony,

    I'd like to follow up this thread, do you have any updates about this issue?

    Aaron Yuan

  • Hi Aaron

    I thought Office 365 would be able to sync with my hotmail account in that whatever I do with Office 365 (read, delete, move emails into folders etc) so that I don't have to do it through the Hotmail website.

    If I use Office 365, I'd have to periodically log into my Hotmail account and sort out all my email again after having done it already on my Office 365 account, which is a bit of a hassle.

    Thanks for your help anyway - I would have gladly paid for Office 365 if it had this functionality!


  • Hi Anthony,

    As cherry said, for connected account, the emails from your Hotmail will be just downloaded and will not be synchronized while you delete or move emails.

    For more details, please refer to the link below:

    Aaron Yuan