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iPhone 4 unable to verify account information

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I am having a problem adding one of my Office 365 Exchange accounts.  This has happened since I changed the User/alias name for this account from info@ to accounts@

I am running an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 (latest version).

When I add other accounts everything works fine and the server name is automatically obtained.  However, with this account (accounts@), the server name is not obtained.  I have tried using both and the server names, but it will still not verify.

I can log into this account on the Portal (& OWA) and it all works fine in Outlook 2007.

Please help. 


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  • Problem solved.

    I had previously 'deleted' a user account called 'accounts@' and then I renamed an existing account called info@ to accounts@

    However, the old account doesn't get deleted properly for 30 days and instead is quarantined and made available for Restore.  So I restored it, renamed it, then deleted it!!!

    Although I could log into the Portal using the accounts@ address, it couldn't be autodiscovered or verified (with either iPhone or Outlook) until the old instance was properly deleted!

    Hope this helps someone out there.

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