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Outlook Web App, Connected Account: Does not download Junk Email data

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I have started a new email address and I am planning on only using the Outlook Web App to manage email.

My old email has it's own web based account pages that I can log into mobily and check email (RoadRunner,Hawaii).  This account has been connected to my Outlook Web App for the purpose of forwarding email from the RoadRunner service to the Outlook Web App for an unknown duration of time to make sure that old contacts and remnant techniques for contacting me get delivered.

Currently the Web App, utilizing the auto settings for connected accounts, downloads data within the RoadRunner Inbox folder and NOT the Junk Mail folder.  So, currently I have received 10 emails from within the RoadRunners inbox folder downloaded by the Outlook Web App.  I noticed that there were no Junk Emails today.  I logged into RoadRunner's online email and I see 13 new junk email that were not downloaded by the Outlook Web App.

What to do?

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  • Hi BTremain,

    Thanks for posting here.
    I understand that you have connected a external account to Office 365 as a connected account. Currently, Inbox folders can be downloaded well from the connected account in Outlook Web App (OWA), however, Junk emails can be updated.

    If my understanding is true, please feel free about this situation. In general, spam filtering isn't run on e-mail downloaded from your other accounts. Usually, spam filtering has already been done when e-mail arrives in your other account. So, junk email can't be downloaded again in OWA.

    More information about downloading email from connected accounts, please see the article below:

    Grace Shi

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  • Okay.  Grace, your explanation helps a little bit. 
    To summarize: Spam filtering is happening on the connected account before it is downloaded by OWA (OutlookWebApp).  The spam filtering on the RoadRunner account places emails into the Junk Email Folder, which OWA does not download. In order to progress with a feasible work environment:
    Option 1:  Turn off spam filtering on the connected account so all email is forwarded to the OWA.
    Option 2:  Leave spam filtering on and have to periodically log into the connected account directly to check Junk Email for desirable new and or unexpected data.
    My reactions:
    Option1: Turing off Spam Filtering allows for unwanted email to be downloaded into the OWA.  Stated above, OWA in general does not do spam filtering on downloaded email from other accounts. So, I am left with a bunch of email that I will have to sort through and delete, but I will be able to scan for new and or unexpected email that might be desirable. Also, allowing all the email to download un-filtered will clear the connected account keeping from storage limits being reached.
    Option2: Having to log into the connected account periodically to check the junk email folder could work, but it will take discipline.  Also, the connected account has its own storage limits and leaving junk email alone for a while might unexpectedly cause storage limits to be reached and email to stop being received.
    Are my assumptions correct?
    I do not understand how spam filtering " in general " is not run on email downloaded from other accounts.  Please clarify.
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  • Hi BTremain,

    I agree with you. If you turn off the connected account, emails will be kept in your own email account after forwarded to OWA. Based on the situation, would you please check if there is an option in your connected account to allow redirect message to OWA without keeping a copy in your mailbox? As least, Hotmail has this function.

    Reken Liu

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  • Hi BTremain,

    How is everything going? We appreciate an update on the status of the issue.

    Grace Shi

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