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Unable to print emails through web access.

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I have a co-worker using the webmail ( to retrieve emails. It works wonderfully under chrome 19.0.1084.52m, with a few exceptions.

When you double click on an email the new windows says the page does not exist and there is a image place-holder where an image has failed to load.

There is no print button on the email preview so we can only use Chrome's native print function which prints off the left side of the screen only, which isn't the email, but the inbox list.

I can't use Internet Explorer to view the portal as our ERP system renders the browser useless unless I uninstall it, which is a nightmare since XP SP3 has to be uninstalled to be able to uninstall IE8. Chrome is an easy substitute and Office 365 informs us that it was compatible with Chrome.

Can anyone help us? 

Many thanks.

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