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Installation of Dir.Sync after decommision of Exchang server 2007

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Dear All,


My Sceneraio :


Created users manually by using csv in office 365.

Presently thay have exchange server 2007 and active directory 2008

we have not done any staged or cut over migration and move all onpremises exchange mailbox by using third party mail migration tool and it was done succesfully.

All users have exchange online licences enabled in office 365.


Now we want to configure Dir.Sync after removing on premises Exchange Server 2007.What happen if i run dir sync after decommisiong exchange server 2007 and the users already created in office 365 same as presently available in active directory manually ( with out using dirsync tool)

however i have tested this scenario in my test enviornment  and it works because before running the DirSync i verified that exchange based attributes was succesfully removed from my active directory and the users should have the same UPN and correct email address match with office 365 email address.


is there any other things i need to verify if i run this same scenerio in live envirnment ?

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  • Hi arsaleng82,

    I have checked the detailed information you provided and since it works for your tested scenario and the active directory and users have the same UPN and correct email address match with Office 365 email address, you would not need to verify and check any other things in live environment.

    Anna Guo

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