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GrantSendOnBehalfTo Permissions for Mailbox

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I'm in the process of performing a migration to Office 365.  I have set up a mailbox and need to grant "Send on Behalf of" permissions to this mailbox for 2 users.  I ran the following command in PowerShell:


Set-Mailbox <MAILBOX> -GrantSendOnBehalfOfTo <USER MAILBOX>


When I run Get-Mailbox <MAILBOX> | fl GrantSendOnBehalfTo I can see that the permission has been granted however when I try to send an e-mail as this mailbox it bounces straight back with the following error:


You can't send a message on behalf of this user unless you have permission to do so. Please make sure you're sending on behalf of the correct sender, or request the necessary permission.



Please could someone advise as to why this is not working?







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  • Hi NJC1,

    Based on your description, since you have run the PowerShell command: Get-Mailbox <MAILBOX> | fl GrantSendOnBehalfTo and checked the permission has been granted successfully, I would like to confirm if this issue happens on Outlook Web App or Outlook desktop.

    If it could not work on Outlook desktop, please try to send as this user in OWA and see if it helps.

    Sometimes, it may need a long time for the permissions to be populated.

    Anna Guo

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