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Office365 claims iPhone 4S password is wrong when it isn't

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I am a P1 subscriber. I can set up the exchange account on my user's iPhone 4S fine. But roughly half the time the user tries to look at their mail, the iPhone claims the password is incorrect (the other times it makes no such complaint). However, the password is definitely correct as (1) the same password works fine for OWA, and (2) if the user waits several hours (sometimes up to a day)without doing anything, the password works without being changed.


When the password doesn't work, the user can go into the settings, retype an entry exactly the same and thus re-verify the account. When the re-verification goes through (it sometimes fails), it seems to get things working again right after the re-verification. But then the issue occurs again within a day.


It is not acceptible for the iPhone to only work half the time (or for the user to have to re-verify just to check their mail), but I cannot figure out what to do and don't see any topics addressing this issue. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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