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Cannot access Archive Mailbox Folders from within Outlook 2010

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I can access my Archive Mailbox folders in Outlook Web but not in Outlook 2010.


Why not? what do I have to do to be able to view them




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  • Hi Mattias,

    Did it show in Outlook previously?
    If not, did you just enable Archive Feature? Does any message appear about this situation?

    As Jorge stated, if you can see Archive Folders in Outlook Web App, they would appear in Outlook 2010. At this time, to troubleshoot the issue, I suggest removing and adding Office 365 account in Outlook 2010.
    If the issue persists, there is another way we can check the issue. It is to disable and enable Archive Feature in Outlook Web App. Before doing so, please move the items in the Archive Folders in other folder first. After enabling it again, you can move them back then.

    For the information about enabling an Archive Mailbox:

    If the above information doesn’t fix the issue, please provide more detailed information about the situation for further troubleshooting.

    Monica Tong

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