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Print Issues in Office 365 OWA users

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Dear Team,


we have citrix environment in our organization. most of the users are using Office 365 OWA. recently we had issues using internet explorer not supports some functions in office 365. so we installed Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. we dont have any issues using these browsers. in later stage we came to know users are getting difficulties while printing the emails from OWA. we were splitted the users some to use Google Chrome and some users to use Mozilla Firefox.


Those who using Google Chrome, if they trying to print the email it prints EMPTY no messages at all. apart from the email, printing is working fine.


Those who using Mozilla Firefox, if they trying to print email, it print as encrypted we cannot able to read any letters. other print from the browser no issues.


all these users are using Office 365 OWA in Thin Clients.


Hope you will advise me with the best solution as above mentioned.


Look forward your response as soon as possible.


Thank You.


Seyed Ismail.

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