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Username/Password Dilemma

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I have one username which will not connect to the exchange server. Here are relevant facts:


  1. If I modify the username, by adding a number for example, I can make a connection.
  2. The issue is present on the 2 windows and 2 android devices I have tested on. (These devices can connect to other accounts)
  3. I can connect through OWA Portal without issue.
  4. The problem connecting with Exchange reports as a Username/Password issue.
  5. MS Technical Support has agreed it is some sort of exchange server issue based on item 1 and 2.
  6. Every day I get an apology, but no action, and someone else tells me they will elevate the issue after having me jump through some hoops to prove item 1 and 2 yet again.

I am on day 6 with MS Technical Support and it appears there is no end in sight. How do I force them in to action or can someone advise me on a self help solution?

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