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Color Categories on Team Calendar

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I set up a team calendar with several different categories.  Is there no way to assign a color to each category?  If not, is it possible to have my personal Outlook web app calendar appear on the team site with its color categories?  If that is possible please lay out the procedure for me.


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  • Hello Rtouart,

    Could you please provide more detailed information about your requirement?
    1. Does the team calendar mean a calendar list in SharePoint Online team site?
    2. Please provide a detailed example of your requirements and a screenshot of the current situation.

    You may refer to the following article about detailed information about category in Outlook Web App.

    Best regards,

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  • Claud, the team calendar I refer to is indeed a calendar list in SharePoint Online team site.  I would like to display this calendar with color categories similar to what can be done with OWA.  In the image I've provided the existing calendar list on the SharePoint team site is displayed at top.  I would like to present that list with the categories colored as is shown with the OWA calendar displayed at bottom.

    If the team calendar cannot be displayed in this manner I would like to know if it is possible to display the OWA calendar on a team site page.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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  • Hi, Claud,

    I have the same issue.  I have a customer that I'm in the process of migrating to Office 365 and they extensively use public folders and shared calendars.  They have a various teams that schedule events and need the ability to “quick glance” overview an entire month.  Having the ability to colorize categories for scheduled events will be a great selling point for me because it will make the user experience migrate seamlessly from Outlook to SharePoint.

    I have seen postings with instructions to create the color categories for on-premise SharePoint but they do not seem to work for Office 365.

    Thanks for any assistance that you can give me on this issue.


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  • I'm also having this problem. Any help MS?

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  • I also have this problem. I have set up custom categories for the events on the team calendar. Now they want to assign a color to each category. This is the only thread I can find for this issue, and it has not been answered. Help!!

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  • Hi there,

    "Coloured" calendar is considered as one of the important features in scheduling. Could any one help?


    Ban Chuan

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  • I ended up using a workaround.  

    To get my user up and running I had them purchase an additional Exchange 1 plan and I'm using that account as their Public Calendar.  The customer is happy because I was able to get the color coding in their calendar to work.

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