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    Please explain how to insert music on my Microsoft 365 Website
  • Forum Reply: Re: my office 365 website cannot be found on the server

    Hi azfedyk, Let’s confirm some information: 1. Do you mean the public website cannot be accessed? Is there any error message? 2. Which plan are you using, Office 36 for small business and professionals (P Plan) or Office 365 for enterprise (E Plan)? You can refer to mch’s information...
  • Forum Thread: How do I establish a Small Business public website?

    Quite an elementary question, indeed. I have watched the video. I have tried the dashboard. The videos show "sites" as a menu item, which I do not see on my dashboard; instead I see only Team sites. (See below). I have tried using the admin dashboard for my organization, which does...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Public facing website is not always "available"

    Hi Pro Organizer, I fully understand you encountered this trouble. Regarding to the first issue, I would like to confirm the following things: 1. Does this issue impact all users accessing your website or specific user? 2. How long does this issue occur? Is it working before? 3. Check if you...
  • Forum Thread: Website not resolving

    Hi, I followed all the instructions for setting up my Office 365 account to use a custom domain. But when i try to change the address of the public facing website, I keep getting this message: We are in the process of changing your website address to You can't...
  • Forum Thread: Cant access my website

    I deleted my onmicrosoft email address by mistake and now can't access my website to edit it???? I have access to the Office 365 portal, but when I try and edit my site is says no access... Help!!!!
  • Forum Thread: editing the website that was transferred from Your previous system.....

    I just watched a vidio about creating a web site with sharepoint. In fact what ever I have purchased doesn't have the same controls as the one in the vidio. Is it because I have the basic package or soemthing different. How do I add Twitter and Facebook accounts? as well is that under Gadgets?
  • Forum Thread: How to open a spesific sheet in office365 web-app

    Hi! Why is it not possible to select a specific sheet when i open my Excel document, that I share with my team? I tried to do what this other forum post suggested, but with no luck at the shared spreadsheet:
  • Forum Thread: Website does not come up

    When I type in my website address ( into Internet Explorer I get the following message: Hmm, isn't loading right now. The computers that run are having some trouble. Usually this is just a temporary problem...