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  • Forum Thread: Announcement Lists

    Is it possible to have two announcement lists on different pages, and then have them linked together so that if a user adds an announcement on one of the lists, it then automatically appears on the other? Many thanks.
  • Forum Reply: Re: SharePoint 2013 Office 365 Limitations

    Hi jleydon, For the time being, these features cannot be integrated into one single site because we can add comments under a discussion, like in a community site, while not for an Announcement list. Thus, the particular requirement cannot be met at this point. Just as you have already been aware that...
  • Forum Thread: Expired announcements still showing in web part on Sharepoint home page

    We have an announcement web part called "News" that I have placed in the Team Site home page. I noticed that expired "news" is still showing in that web part. How can I configure it so that expired news may show in the Announcements list, but not in the web part? If not to make...