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  • Forum Thread: Developing Bespoke 'In Browser' Editable Website

    Hi, We've recently moved our PHP website from an Ubuntu host to the Public Office365 public website area. We had to make some code changes to the website but all is now live and kicking. We want to now enable the 'in browser' website editor so that...
  • Forum Thread: 404 Forbidden

    Hi ! I just can't acces to SharePoint Online with admin AND with user login. The error reporting is : 403 FORBIDDEN. Can you help me ? (Sorry for my bad english, I am french but I have no answer in French forum.) Thanks
  • Forum Thread: P1 Plan Proxy Authorisation

    We started off testing Office 365 Plan E3 and are now testing Office 365 P1. We didn't have any issues with E3 but since starting to test on P1 we've not been to save files direct from Office 2010 Pro Plus to the P1 Sharepoint Site. It returns with a proxy authorisation error but I'm not...
  • Forum Thread: HTTP versus HTTPS Access

    Is there a configuration setting to prevent HTTP access and ONLY permitt HTTPS access?
  • Forum Thread: P1 & SSL (again)

    I just want to make sure that I correctly understand the current state of SSL and P1 (u sing E3 is not an option for us due to cost). Is there really no way to have a secure (https://) connection to my P1 TeamSite files? I have no need for the outward facing website but without a secure connection to...
  • Forum Thread: Jquery with Office 365

    I have just migrated my site over from Office Live Small Business and I'm having an issue getting some Jquery effects to work. With Office Live Small business I had a Jquery slideshow on my homepage which I simple created by importing the html, javascript and image files into the document section...
  • Forum Thread: SSL / OAuth / Single-Sign-On

    Hi (wasn't 100% sure which forum this should go in, but hopefully i'll get some answers anyway) I'm trying to integrate into Sharepoint online. This involves posting documents and reading lists back. Attempt 1: Use the REST API (
  • Forum Thread: HTTPS Teamsite not HTTP

    We have a bit a strange problem with one of our customers. We signed them up for an Office 365 P1 plan. They initially only wanted the exchange part, but had an interest in the other Office 365 features in the future. The email side of things has been flawless and they have been using it...
  • Forum Thread: HTTPS SharePoint

    Hi, I tried to access Office 365 SharePoiint using HTTPS instead of HTTP. Except for the login I always fall back to http. With BPOS SharePoint access was always secured with https. Did I miss some configuration or is https not yet available? Thanks Mr. IW