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Change title and description of public-facing website

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I am trying to change the title and description of my public facing website so that it is displayed in search results as "Stellar Resumes | Professional Resume Writing Service" rather than the current ""


For some reason, I can't access the site settings to make this change.  The only way I can see doing it is by clicking the search tab and then clicking site settings, but I seem to be accessing a team site by doing that.  Why is there no option for site settings on the public-facing website page?

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  • Thanks! While I'm at it, one more question: The two lines that appear in google search results after the title line.  How can I customize those? I was under the impression that whatever I type into the "description metatag" box in SEO tab will appear in search results, but that's not what happended.  Any ideas?

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  • Generally if there is a description meta tag, that's what the search engines will use. If there isn't you'll see random snippets of the page's content. But you won't see a change in that until the next time the site is crawled which happens every 4-6 weeks roughly.
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