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where can I find user's UPN?

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In BPOS SharePoint Online, I used to find "<DOMAIN>\<UPN>" in my settings on SharePoint User Information Page. Plase see the image attached:

In Office 365 SharePoint 2010, I can't quite figure out where to find this info. In the place where I used to see "red001\me", I see this instead: i:0#.f|membership| 

For, is the domain simply "", and is my user name "me"? Where do I find this info?


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  • The UPN "User Pricipal Name" is a consolidated login that combines a user name and domain name in one internet friendly format (e.g.  In Office365 the UPN and MOS ID "MS Online Services ID" are the same.  Ideally this is also the default SMTP address, but doesn't have to be.  

    When using a UPN to logon you use the entire UPN as the "user name" and leave "domain" blank.

    The "i:0#.f|membership|" prefix that appears in several places throughout Office365 is a known issue that will be resolved in a future release

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