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Our old website

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We signed up the Office 365 and followed the instructions for domain transfer and all looked fine until we noticed that our old website that we had at Yahoo Business was not showing up.  The generic Office 365 website template was showing.  We desperately need to get our website back up and working, but I have had no luck finding any information on how to get this done.  In fact, I don't even know if this form is the correct one.  It seemed like the closed to my issue.  Regardless, I need help and I need it quickly.

Thank you in advance for helping.


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  • Hi Danielle,

    Before moving further, I'd like confirm more information with you.
    Are you using Office 365 for professionals and small business (Plan P1) or Office 365 for enterprises (Plan E)?
    Do you want to use Office 365 services, but let your website with the custom domain name, such as, be hosted at Yahoo?

    If you are using Office 365 Plan P1, you can follow the steps below.
    1. If you have changed the SharePoint Online public-facing website address, please change it back to the default one (something like via clicking Change Address.
    For tips, based on my experience, it may take up to 24 hours to finish the website address change.
    2. Host your website with another provider(Such as Yahoo), follow the article below.

    If you are using Office 365 Plan E, just add the corresponding DNS records for the website service at the current DNS hosting provider.

    In addition, could you please provide the custom domain name through the private message?
    It will help us to monitor the status of the DNS records.
    The way to get private message
    • Go to the Your details section on the right side of the community site.
    • Click Private messages.
    • Click the subject title of the response to read the message.
    • You can reply by using the form in this display.
    • Click Submit Reply.

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