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My website does not appear on the web

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I have eventually completed this totally ridiculous transition and the transfer of the domain name but the website does not come up on the web under the domain name it just shows a 'not found'  What else has to be done to get this resolved/

I can access the site to edit it which is just as well as large chunks of data have disappeared since OfficeLive ceased.  This is now a further week's lost business so I am now becoming extremely annoyed with the whole process.

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  • Hi Ankrham,

    I understand your feelings.

    As you have transferred your domain from OLSB (Office Live Small Business) to Office 365, please refer to the following steps to troubleshoot this issue:
    1), Please try to visit your website by typing <>, please change contoso to the domain name when you signed up.
    If any error occurs, please capture the error screen and post them in the forum for further troubleshooting.

    2), If you can visit your website at <>, then, please change your SharePoint website address to use your own domain.
    To do this, log into Office 365 portal; click Admin on the top; click Domains on the left panel; click Change address besides the sentence "Your SharePoint website address is" and select the address. You can refer to Use a custom domain name for your SharePoint Online public-facing website address

    Note: This changing may takes up to 24 hours, you need to wait until the change takes effect.

    After doing so, please try to visit you SharePoint website at your domain again.

    For you OLSB data disappearing issue, you can refer to I cannot log into my Office Live Small Business (OLSB) website and email with my Windows Live ID username and password, what do I do?

    For more information, please refer to the following pages:
    Office Live Small Business transition center

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them in the forum.

    Evan Zhang

  • I have now changed the address as stated and will check in 24 hours to see if the site is accessing through my domain name currently if you search for the domain name there is simply a blank white page.

    The missing data is in the website that I rebuilt on 365.  This was completed and all working ok but since the end of April large numbers of the picutres have dissapeared and format  has changed.  I am still repairing the damage and will then have to check all the links once the website is working properly.

  • Your images are disappearing because you pasted them from OLSB which is what the erroneous instructions suggest. What you actually did was paste a LINK to the OL stored images - when you moved your domain, those links are no longer valid even though the site is till up so you have to upload all the pics to 365 and reinsert them.
  • The site is now coming up on a google search under the domain name.  However, now I cannot get into the site to edit it!!!!!  It is still a mess and now I can't change anything on there.  How do I resolve this?

  • Hi Ankrham,

    Are you still facing this issue?

    If not, after changing the website address from to our custom domain name. There is a propagation period that you will need to wait before you are able to make the changes.

    On the other side, if the error still persists, please capture any error screen (include the URL that the edit link is pointing to) and post them in the fourm.


    Evan Zhang

  • Hi Ankrham,

    How is everything going? Do you have any updates about the status of the issue?

    Mindy Pan