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OLSB to Office 365 ---Custom domain verification issue

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I am in the process of transition OLSB to Office 365 and need to add custom domain ( using Melbourne IT) to Office 365. Even after 3 days, am stuck at the domain verification step. 

 I verified the TXT values using NS Tools instructions as well as DNS propagation check. everything looks fine with the TXT but I still can't verify the domain.  I used the TXT record and even after 72 hours getting the same message. Could some one address this issue at the earliest?

Verification DNS record not found
We couldn't verify Make sure that the verification DNS record that you created at your domain registrar is correct, and that you've waited at least 72 hours after you added the record.

If we can't move the domain before Monday, do I lose the information? How can I get support for this issue?


Who can help with the domain verification support issue?




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  • Hi VNarr,

    Thanks for posting here.
    I have checked your domain name with Nslookup command-online tool and noticed that the created TXT record for domain verification is not correct.

    In general, the TXT record for domain verification that we recommend should resemble the following:
    For example: MS=ms70837059

    Based on this current situation, please delete the created TXT record and recreate a new and correct DNS TXT record value and format (MS=msxxxxxxxx ) at your domain registrar and then check if the domain can be verified successfully.

    Grace Shi



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  • Thanks a lot for looking into this. I deleted the previous TXT record and created a new and correct DNS  TXT record at Melbourne IT in the above format.  I am still getting the same message. Could you please check and confirm? How long should I wait? What happens if this was not resolved before May 2nd?Thanks for your help with this.

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  • Hi vnarr,


    Have you redelegate  your domain before you add it to Office 365? There are couple steps we need to do before we move our domain to Office 365, please follow the below video or the website to check:

    VIDEO: Moving your Office Live domain to Office 365

    Move your email and website to Office 365 (US/English)

    ->What happens if this was not resolved before May 2nd?

    Microsoft Office 365 replaces OLSB as the comprehensive Microsoft productivity service for small businesses. The OLSB service will continue to run as it does today through April 30, 2012. As a valued OLSB customer, you will be offered 6 months free of Office 365 for professionals and small business and Office Professional Plus service. Please note that the OLSB service will be discontinued on May 1, 2012. All access to the OLSB service and public web sites will end on that date.

    Hope this helps.




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  • Hello Vnarr,

    Can you add your domain into Office 365 successfully with JQQ's suggestion? If you need additional assistance on this problem, please let us know. Thank you.

    Jack Sun

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  • vnarr,

    I see that your domain name has been verified.  see -->

    Now just make sure you perform the last step, that the Add Domain wizard forgot to mention:  Change default address to custom Domain Name  then wait for 12 to 24 hours.

    Sorry, BuildItOn365 website has expired. Links to and instructions - no longer exist.

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