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Can't Verify Domain with Melbourne IT

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Followed instructions - added TXT and MX records both with and without trailing periods. It does not work.

"Verification DNS record not found"


This process is horrendous, and telling people to wait 72hrs after making changes is not a reasonable solution.


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  • Hi WKitts,

    Based on your description, I would like to confirm if you have tried the steps below to verify your domain.

    1. Add a TXT record with and without trailing periods respectively, and you domain could not be verified.

    2. Add an MX record with and without trailing periods respectively and your domain still could not be verified.

    If this is the case, I want to make sure if you have waited for enough time to verify your domain in Office 365. Please note that typically it takes about 15 minutes for your changes to take effect. But it can take up to 72 hours for the record that you created to propagate through the DNS system.

    Please also note that you could not add both TXT and MX all together to verify your domain. A TXT record or an MX record instead would be helpful to verify.

    If you want to use your own domain and have it work with Office 365, you need to refer to the links below to re-add a TXT record or an MX record instead to verify your domain in Office 365.

    For Office 365 Enterprise version:

    For Office 365 Small Business version:

    Here is a KB for troubleshooting domain verification issues in Office 365 for your reference:

    Anna Guo

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