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resizing my web page

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I was working on my webpage when it suddenly got very wide and a scroll bar appeared at the bottom. All the other pages are normal, but I cannot get this page back to it's original size. Is there something I can do to restore it to it's original size without starting a whole new page? The resize arrow does not work when I try it.
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  • Hi Nature Cards,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft SharePoint Online Support.

    Webpages that do not fit in browser are generally due to content on the page that is too large, or in your case too wide, for the page to be rendered in browser without a scroll bar.  I would recommend that you review the graphics or data on that page, which might be too wide. 

    The formatting of your webpages is controlled by the page frame width and alignment.  This option is available from the Office 365 web design tool, under Design -> Setup -> Page width.  Changes made to options under Setup are applied to all pages in the website.  Generally customers prefer the Page Setup Width of 100% as that is dynamically adjustable.  The following article details the options available when adjusting page frame width and alignment setup.  To review that article click here.

    If that does not answer your question please let me know as I will continue to monitor this thread for a few days and will reply to any additional posts or questions.

    Jonis Estrem

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

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