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Iframe not scrolling to top

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I have an iframe on my webpage here:


After I scroll down and hit continue, the page doesn't scroll up to the top whern the next page loads in the iframe.


Any ideas?

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  • Iframe: "width=100%" means 100% of the containing element which Firefox will interpret correctly, IE will just guess. In this case the Paypal form is the containing element so if you give that a width it should fix it. Or specify the iframe width in pixels.


    Any javascript you add to a page will apply to the containing page, not the page in the iframe. So a scroll script should scroll the page you're on to the top. You can't inject anything into the iframed page so you'd have to be able to add the scroll script to the source page which I assume you can't. By default pages should open at the top when they load even in an iframe though.   |     |  Get more out of Office 365

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