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Upload files to SharePoint fails

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I've updated Word and Excel files successfully.  Now I'm trying to upload a 143MB .WAV file and it won't upload. I've also zipped the file, making it 99MB and it still won't upload.


I click on the "add document" button, browse and select the file and click OK. Then the OK button is grayed out but nothing further happens.


I also tried the "upload multiple files option." It works for a second or too and then shows "failed" as the status.  There are no specific messages other than "failed."


I checked the available SharePoint storage and there is more than 10.5GB available.


It is frustrating because I'm not even getting any specific error messages or hints as to what is wrong.  The only differences I'm seeing versus other files that have successfully uploaded are 1) file size (99MB and 143MB - so on the large side) and 2) .WAV and "zip" file types.


any ideas?

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  • Hi,

    have you tried uploading your file either through SharePoint Workspace (if you've got it installed) or through Windows Explorer?

    And do you get that error immediately or after some time?

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  • Hello,  

    Based on the situation, I would suggest you try to upload the file with other methods. Please refer to the methods below:
    1. Upload files to SharePoint Workspace, and sync it to site.
    a. Log on to SharePoint Team site, then click "Site Actions" -> "Sync to SharePoint Workspace". The content in site will be synced to Workspace.
    b. Choose the folder which one you want to be uploaded document, then click "Add document" to upload the .wav file.
    c. Click the option "Sync"->"Sync Workspace" in the top ribbon, all changed in Workspace will be synced to SharePoint site.
    2. Open files in explorer, and then copy the .wav file to it.
    Click Library Tools->Library, choose the option "Open with Explorer".

    Additionally, I will do some research about the issue and update in this thread as soon as I get the reason.

    Grace Shi


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