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SSL / OAuth / Single-Sign-On

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Hi (wasn't 100% sure which forum this should go in, but hopefully i'll get some answers anyway)

I'm trying to integrate into Sharepoint online. This involves posting documents and reading lists back.

Attempt 1: Use the REST API ( but the note says that this isn't the way to go about it anymore. Also, no documentation.

Attempt 2: Use the Client Object Model ( Beautiful. 

What I can't find documentation on is:

1) SSL - posting a user name and password across http is beginner, and surely not in Microsoft's interests.

2) SingleSignOn or OAuth - Client Object Model requires us to store the username and password of the user. Which surely is against the terms and conditions of Office 365. 

Can someone please point me to:  How to enable SSL for P-1 Subscriptions for Office 365 (a number of forums suggest it's not available yet, but it does appear to be out of Beta?) and two where the documentation for SingleSignOn or OAuth is for office365.

Thanks heaps!

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  • Hello

    P1 plan doens't not have SSL access enabled on SharePoint; this is available for E plan. No plan for providing it or not

    you can start with for SSO

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  • "No plan for providing it or not" - Are there any Microsoft guys on this forum who do know?

    Sorry, I didn't mean Single Sign On from inhouse sharepoint servers to hosted sharepoint servers (I think that is what that link talks about)...

    I'm looking for the ability for a third party app, to send the user into sharepoint to ask for the third party app to gain access, and then being able to retain a token that allows access without storing a username and password.

    An example would be when you use a Twitter app, and you get bounced to to give permission for the app to connect.


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  • Hi Jamie,

    It is the different feature between Office 365 for Small Business and Professionals and Office 365 for Enterprises. Till now, there isn’t any information on any change for this feature. If there is any update, we will post it in the forum. You may keep an eye on the forum.  


    Monica Tong

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